The Intro Nobody Asked For



It's been a few years since we did one of these and even then, I'm not sure we dove too deep. As our first entry for your new favorite blog we wanted introduce ourselves and Lavender, aka Lavender Studios, to everyone that's joined the family over the years who don't know us personally. Us being Matt and Claudio, a.k.a. Design Papi.


We really wanted to come on here and talk about what the brands means to us, where we've been, and what we hope to achieve through this creative outlet that gives our lives some meaning. But before all of that, let's take a trip back before Lavender was even a thought. We met back in 2013(ish) while working at Primitive. Matt (Hi, it's me), was the assistant manager of the shop and gatekeeper of sneaker releases which was passed onto me from our boy Ron, (it was awful lol, people hit me up for years after trying to get stuff so take care of your shop peeps that hold you down on kicks cause having all that power comes with a lot of headaches) and at the time, Claudio was one of our photo-assistants at the time before taking on a role making marketing assets for the brand itself. 


From there Matt went on to work with brands such as Hellz Bellz and Rokit while writing for BeStreet Magazine (It was short lived) and is now working with XLARGE, X-girl, and Real Bad Man. Claudio eventually left Primitive to pursue graphic design by getting into Art Center, working with Josh Vides to help open Side Project on Fairfax, as well as doing design work for Childish Gambino, Pharrell's (Something in the Water), Patrick Mahomes, Lena Waithe, and more.


Flash forward to the summer of 2017, Hellz Bellz was hosting an Ice Cream Sunday's at Lock & Key so I  (Matt) was there super early getting everything situated and Claudio had met up with me to hang out and he asked me why I  didn't have a brand of my own and it was something I  had never really thought of until then. I  told him I'd only do it if he designed and just like that Lavender was born. I  mean, we went through some back and forth on that but Lavender was the name we always came back to. It felt right, it felt like it could have meaning one day and that it was something that we could branch out into other things with. We never intended to just sell t-shirts, we've always had bigger plans for the brand. We're looking to bring some more of that to light this year with the addition of this blog, a new tier of apparel, and more useful-everyday items. 


At the end of the day, Lavender is meant to pull out a feeling in each of you. Its meaning is different for everyone, some think of the flower, some think of its healing properties, some a smell or a taste, and then of course that color. Heart eyes forever, she's really got it all. 


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