COVID Shipping & Donation Information


We'll be donating 15% of the profits from our latest pre-order to various youth organizations. Our goal is to reach communities beyond our own so while Los Angeles adjacent sales will go to Inner City Arts on Skid Row, if we get 10 or more sales from other major cities we'll donate that 15% to organizations in those cities. If we don't get 10, then that 15% will also go to Inner City Arts. We will submit our donations 1-2 weeks after the pre-orders are shipped to ensure there's no issues of refunds to be distributed or other unforeseen issues. 

Shipping: *This one's important*

So as you're all aware, the USPS is in turmoil  so we've changed our shipping rates from a flat $5 to be auto-calculated based on where you live. We are also offering the option to choose between First Class (typically 5-10 days) and Priority (typically 2-3 days). We can't guarantee shipping times right now so bare with us if it feels like your package is taking a while. 

We will only be offering DHL for international orders. DHL can be pretty pricey but we can't rely on USPS at all for handling international orders at this time. These rates will be auto-calculated depending on your actual location and we won't really have control on what those prices end up being. 

Make sure your shipping info is 100% correct and there is a secure place for mail to be dropped off. We had a few orders back in May where the USPS could not deliver and the item was sent back to us. We still haven't gotten them back and there's no word when they'll be delivered back to us. USPS isn't giving any priority to "Return to Sender" service and we won't refund you in any compactly for this issue until the item is back in our hands. If you still want the item you will need to repay for shipping.