A Love Letter To The San Fernando Valley

As two kids from The Valley we always knew starting Lavender would mean putting on for the SFV. We couldn’t be more proud to be from here and as a brand, we want to create a fun environment and a safe place for us all to grow just like The Valley provided for us. Below are photos of us and some friends that wanted to share their love for the 818. 

matt and claudio of lavender. a streetwear clothing brand from the san fernando valley in los angeles.

Hi, it's us. 

lavender streetwear clothing brand san fernando valley sfv photoshoot

Meet Gabrielle Pulgar, she was born and raised in the 818, traversing Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Reseda, Winnetka, and Northridge. She’s an amazing graphic designer with an emphasis on publications and visual identities.

“As years go by, I grow to appreciate the valley more and more. Home to the immigrants, the workers, the families, the lost, the restless, the rich, the up and coming, the dreamers—I appreciate it all for everything it’s given me the chance to learn.” - Gabrielle

THE BOYS! Ok story time. For those that don’t know we (Claudio & Matt) used to work at Primitive back in the day when it was still a shop. Ron was the manager/buyer at the time and Mike was an og-og at the shop. Naturally we have a lot of love for these two, and everyone else there tbh, brothers and sisters for life.

Fast forward, Mike has the most grown up job and makes hot beats and Ron has done a million things which has led him to his most recent chapter over at NTWRK. Valley legends for real.

Born and raised on the east side of the SFV in Mission Hills, CA. Aldo manages and operates a photo booth company - @missioncityphotobooths (named after San Fernando 💯) Runs and owns music label called @criminalizedsfv that releases almost only exclusively LA/SFV based bands. Plays music hardcore/punk bands called Section H8, Human Garbage, & Expect the worst.

Known Aldo for like 15 years now and reps The Valley harder than anyone we know. Definitely keep up with what he’s got goin on.

We had Val give us the full run down cause she’s got so much goin on, we didn’t wanna miss anything 😅 but her family owns businesses in The Valley and she, herself, owns a few as well. 

“I am a product of two resilient immigrants who chose to raise their children & build out their dreams in the SFV. After studying business at SDSU I was eager to come back & do the same. I am currently the owner of Camp La, a private training gym & Lichis Mex, a Mexican restaurant named after my dad. My goal has always been to encourage & provide resources for the youth to live out their craziest of dreams just as my parents did and encouraged me to do so myself. If you ever have a business idea, need a gym or are looking for the freshest yet authentic Mexican food, you know where to find me.”

The future 😤

“Olea here reporting straight from the valley, currently tapping in from life’s ultimate playground–Pacoima, California. My passion is the hustle but I happen to be talented in several trades–I’m a DJ, an academic, a student, a community liaison, a connector of dots? I’m an army swiss knife who’s putting things together as he goes. What I would like for my existence to mean to my people more than anything, is proof that we are unbound to the laws of zip-codes, you’re hardwired to rewire, the world is big but your mind is bigger… let it marinate for ‘em.”

“I’m Jereme Wijesekera, multi-disciplinary designer straight outta Panorama. For nearly a decade, I’ve worked on projects that range from UX/UI to brand and graphic design for cool and corporate (boring) clients. Now I’m flexing my fashion design muscles with my new endeavor @goodlaborclub, with a goal of using clothes as a medium to revitalize the earth and our hoods.”

All my music people from everywhere, Sergio runs an amazing record shop and venue in San Fernando called @midnighthour_sfv and it’s loaded with gems. Definitely add it to your list next time you’re in the mood to go digging. All the photos you saw from the last few days were taken on their corner too 🤝🏼🤝🏼


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